Title:Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager: The Human Aspects of Project Management, Volume Two
Author:Vijay K. Verma, PMP
Category:Human Resources
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Detailed Description:People are the backbone and most valuable resource for successfully executing any project. To survive and grow in the 21st century, project management practitioners must learn and use appropriate interpersonal skills that inspire all those involved in a project.

This book offers practical guidelines that can be used to develop and implement the practices of communication, motivation, negotiation, conflict resolution, conflict and stress management and leadership. Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager is Volume Two of the Human Aspects of Project Management Series.

Table of Contents

I. Communication: A Key to Project Success
II. Motivation in Project Environment
III. Understanding Conflict
IV. Managing/Resolving Conflict in Projects
V. Negotiation
VI. Managing Stress
VII. Leadership, Power, Influence and Politics in a Project Environment
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:1996
PMI Product ID:00100000401
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