Title:Selling Project Management to Senior Executives: Framing the Moves that Matter
Author:Janice Thomas, PhD; Connie Delisle, PhD; and Kam Jugdev, PhD Candidate, PMP (with the assistance of Pamela Buckle, PhD Student)
Category:Leadership / Management
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Detailed Description:Despite tremendous growth in the project management profession and substantial proof that the profession has helped increase productivity and bottom line earnings, some senior-level executives are still fighting progress.

"Why is it so difficult to sell project management to senior executives?" and "How do you get them on board?" are the main questions being answered in this pertinent book by Thomas, et al. After years of research, the authors report their findings in Phases I and II of this insightful book. Based on the perspective that senior executives focus at a strategic level and view project management as tactical, Phase I deals with the misalignment of perceived value between the "seller" and the senior executive. Phase II compares and contrasts success factors with the help of eight straightforward models.

With greater understanding, project management practitioners may someday be able to eliminate barriers between these two integral components of successful businesses.

Table of Contents

I. Study Background
II. Theoretical Foundation
III. Study Methodology
IV. Phase I Findings: Why is it Difficult to Sell Project Management to Senior Executives?
V. Phase II Findings: Demographics and Practices
VI. Phase II Findings: How Do You Sell Project Management to Senior Executives?
VII. Insights and Future Research Directions
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2002
PMI Product ID:00100029001
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