Title:The Human Side of Project Management: Leadership Skills
Author:Qian Shi, PhD and Jianguo Chen, PhD
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Detailed Description:As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing the profession of project management, Project Management Institute (PMI) funded a multi-part study of the leadership characteristics and traits that are shared by successful project leaders.

The Human Side of Project Management: Leadership Skills includes an assessment framework for selecting project leaders who exemplify the key characteristics and traits identified in the research, with particular emphasis on working in China, due to the country's growing need for project management. In building the body of knowledge relating to leadership skills of project leaders, researchers from Tongji University in Shanghai employed a number of tactics, including literature review, investigation and interview, theory analysis, experiment design, and data collection and processing. The study's findings are generally applicable to a variety of projects and industries.

Table of Contents: I. Introduction
II. Related Research
III. Investigation and Interview
IV. Theory Analysis
V. Questionnaire
VI. Data Analysis and Study Findings
VII. A System for Selecting and Assessing Project Leaders
VIII. Conclusions
IX. References
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2006
PMI Product ID:00100085001
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