Title:Choosing Appropriate Project Managers: Matching their Leadership Style to the Type of Project
Author:Rodney Turner, PhD Ralf Müller, DBA
Category:Project Management
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In Choosing Appropriate Project Managers, the authors set out to challenge two commonly held – and related – views found in the project management community:

Project Manager as a tool: The project manager is simply a facilitator for the project management process and that implementing the right systems and procedures are more important than any individual project manager
Project management is universal: Once an individual has acquired the skills of project management, that individual can manage any type of project, regardless of technology, industry or domain knowledge

The two beliefs represent different sides of the same coin – both of which downplay the value of personal characteristics of the project managers themselves and neither of which is supported by research. Previous research conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI®) concluded that one of the reasons organizations categorize projects is due to the need to develop and choose different project management methodologies appropriate to different types of projects.

As an extension of this research, the authors set out to determine what, if any, influence leadership styles have on a project manager’s competence and to determine if different leadership styles were needed for different types of projects.

Research was drawn from interviews with managers responsible for selecting project managers and assigning them to projects, as well as from an extensive web-based questionnaire given to project management professionals. Through analysis of the responses, the authors were able to further define 15 leadership dimensions found among managers of high performing projects and develop recommendations for those selecting and assigning project managers.

In addition to an analysis of the various schools of leadership found within the business community, Choosing Appropriate Project Managers includes appendices defining the 15 leadership competencies used in the study and a full list of 14 project attributes used to categorize projects. Questionnaires from the manager interviews and web-based survey are also included.

Choosing Appropriate Project Managers will interest those who play a role in the selection of project managers, as well as professional project managers looking to further their understanding of the profession and better highlight their individual qualifications.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Leadership
III. Project Success
IV. Research Methodology
V. Interviews
VI. Web-Based Questionnaire
VII. Project Manager Profiles
VIII. Recomendations and Conclusions
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2006
PMI Product ID:00100085301
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