Title:Case Studies in Project Management: The Raul Leoni (Guri) Dam Project Individual Case with Teaching Notes
Author:Edited by: Frank T. Anbari, PhD, PMP
Category:PM Tools
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Detailed Description:Teaching the principles and applications of project management can be quite challenging for educators and trainers. To help arm instructors with pragmatic teaching tools, PMI will offer ten individual, broadly recognized, detailed project management case studies, which instructors can use as guidebooks for course work design and content. The ten case studies were compiled and edited by Dr. Frank T. Anbari and are based on work by students of George Washington University. In addition to the in-depth case study descriptions, there are several reader questions at the end of each phase of the project. A teaching case with teaching notes and background information to guide the education providers in the use of each case study is available as well. An instructor's set is also available which includes one (1) case with teaching notes and 15 of the individual case. CASE DESCRIPTION: Due to the great hydroelectric power of the Caroni River, the Necuima Canyon, 100 kilometers upstream of the outlet of the Caroni River into the Orinoco River, was chosen to build the structure of the Raul Leoni Hydroelectric Central (commonly called the Guri dam). The case study will cover various project management knowledge areas (Project Management Institute, 2000 and 2003) within four project phases: Inception, Development, Implementation and Closeout.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2006
PMI Product ID:00100089001
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