Title:Governance Frameworks for Public Project Development and Estimation
Author:Ole Jonny Klakegg, Terry Williams, Ole Morten Magnussen
Category:Project Management
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Governance Frameworks for Public Project Development and Estimation includes a thorough investigation into theoretical perspectives and theories, mainly from economy and social sciences. Thirty-two aspects of theory are assessed, and it is indicated whether each framework design seems to have put weak or strong emphasis on each of these aspects. The purpose of the report is to seek better understanding of how the governance framework and the projects interact and how the framework influences the project.

Governance frameworks help to improve the initial and fundamental design of projects as well as avoid some of the common problems related to the implementation of projects. Implementation of governance frameworks represents a potential for considerable savings and added value by making cost estimation and time planning more effective.

This report offers a wide range of different perspectives on governance of projects in general and governance frameworks for public investment projects in particular. It gives useful insights and some tools for the design and implementation of governance frameworks.

Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2009
PMI Product ID:00101163301
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