Title:Project Management Circa 2025
Author:Edited by: David Cleland, PhD and Bopaya Bidanda, PhD
Category:Project Management
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Detailed Description:For nearly 50 years, numerous books have addressed the management of projects— theory, processes and principles—across many industries, cultures, and environments. But little has been published about the future of project management. Project Management Circa 2025 fills that void.

Drawing on the collective experience of project management leaders from around the world, the book develops and explores scenarios for project management in the year 2025. The authors identify and evaluate the likely future of project management, exploring key issues that will affect everyone involved with project management, from the theorist to the practitioner.

Examples include:

  • -how project managers will deal with the tactical and strategic changes of tomorrow, changes that will impact products, services and organizational processes.
  • -strategies project managers should develop and implement to help facilitate future survival and growth in light of technological, economic, political, legal, and competitive world changes.

A Forecast for the Profession

The 29 chapters introduce the state of project management in an industry or environment, then forecast the expected future technological, economic, social, political and competitive character of the profession.

Each chapter of Project Management Circa 2025 examines the future of project management in a specific industry or environment, grouped into five distinct parts:
• Part 1 –Projects from Geographical and Industry Applications
• Part 2 – Project Management Systems Applications
• Part 3 – Project Management Organizational Applications
• Part 4 – Project Management in Governmental Organizations
• Part 5 – Likely Growth of Project Management

Current trends are identified that will impact how project management will be practiced. Finally, each author envisions the major characteristics of project management as it is likely to be practiced, circa 2025.

Implications for the Present

Project Management Circa 2025 provides the basics about how project management is used in the present, and how organizations will create a new state-of-the-art for project management. As readers learn what the future of project management might be, they will also see the likely impact on their own organizations, now and in the future.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2009
PMI Product ID:00101185701
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