Title:Breaking the Code of Project Management
Author:Alexander Laufer
Category:Project Management
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Breaking the Code of Project Management is an examination of how to refigure project management to be more effective, particularly in terms of leadership. Contrary to the traditional wisdom of project management, planning and doing are not separate and sequential activities, but rather occur in tandem and interact in a dance of give-and-take. Successful projects require strong leadership, and this book presents five actionable principles of Results-Focused Leadership in a convincing and easy to digest format demonstrated by stories.

Contents:Introduction: The Real Story of Project Management: Results-focused Leadership * The Green Principle, Plan and Control to Embrace Change * The Brown Principle, Create a Results Oriented Focus * The Yellow Principle, Develop a Will to Win * The Red Principle, Collaborate Through Interdependence and Trust * The Gray Principle, Update and Connect Through Intensive Communication * Epilogue: Becoming a Results-focused Leader: From Geometric Order to Living Order.
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Date Published:2009
PMI Product ID:00101186901
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