Title:Emotional Intelligence And Projects
Author:Nicholas Clarke, PhD and Ranse Howell
Category:Project Management
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Detailed Description:Project professionals who have high levels of emotional intelligence are often said to be more successful, both in their projects and in their careers. To succeed in today’s project environment, technical skills aren’t enough. Working well with people—direct reports, peers, customers and management—is just as crucial to success.

Emotional Intelligence and Projects investigates how emotional intelligence correlates with being successful at working in projects.

It also explores how training in emotional intelligence can improve project professionals’ abilities and relevant project management competences. The book explores ways to make emotional intelligence training more effective, and provides a number of training exercises and scenarios.

Emotional intelligence may indeed be the reason that some project managers are more skilled at managing relationships in projects. As Emotional Intelligence and Projects suggests, such abilities can be developed and improved through training, making emotional intelligence skills an important factor in project and career success.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2010
PMI Product ID:00101195101
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