Title:The Virtual Edge, 2nd Edition
Author:Margery Mayer, PhD.
Category:Project Management
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Detailed Description:Best Practices for Global Teams in the 21st Century

Best practices, the building blocks for top-performing organizations in the 21st century, are the foundation for companies that are striving to achieve success by excellence. Global teams that harness best practices provide companies with invaluable access to skills, expertise, and knowledge that enable organizations to leverage opportunities and capture market share in diverse markets.

Managing global teams requires critical management, communication, and leadership skills that build trust and effectiveness at each phase of team development. The second edition of The Virtual Edge delves deeper into the nuances of virtual teams and how case study research is an integral part of how effective virtual teams can be.

The second edition of The Virtual Edge is divided into three main sections—Implications of Global Distributed Resources, Case Study Research, and Technology for Global Communications. These sections identify opportunities, challenges, and best practices unique to global project leaders who thrive on the excitement, challenge, and complexity of managing global distributed resources
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2010
PMI Product ID:00101211601
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