Title:Leadership Principles for Project Success
Author:Thomas Juli
Category:Project Management
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This book is about project success. It reveals a secret for project success: effective project leadership. It shows where pure project management falls short and why project leadership is the decisive factor for project success. It outlines five simple yet powerful leadership principles which, if applied systematically, can help you pave the path to project success.

In a nutshell, the five principles state that effective project leaders: 1. Build vision 2. Nurture collaboration 3. Promote performance 4. Cultivate learning 5. Ensure results.

This book explains these principles and illustrates how they can be used to set up, manage, and align projects for success. Last but not least, it shows the reader how to become an effective project leader.

Leadership Principles for Project Success is a practical book. While it is based on insights from the literature on leadership, project management, business, systems and complexity theory its main foundation is practical experience of the author in more than 12 years of professional project management in various positions and industries. The project examples cited in the book come from all kinds of environments, professional and nonprofessional. They show that the principles are universal and independent of the nature of a project. One third of the book is reserved for practical samples and case studies showing the leadership principles in action. In addition, the appendices contain practical and easy-to-use templates and guidelines you can immediately apply in your projects.


•Explains the principles encompassing the core of effective leadership and shows how to apply them to everyday projects
•Discusses setting up, managing, and aligning projects to meet business needs
•Illustrates how project leadership works through numerous real-world case studies
•Describes how to rescue projects in trouble and close them successfully
•Includes many samples, templates, and practical guidelines that readers can immediately use in their projects
Publisher:Taylor and Francis
Date Published:2010
PMI Product ID:00101233601
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