Title:Earned Schedule
Author:Walter H. Lipke
Category:Earned Value
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Detailed Description:The book is intended for those who use Earned Value Management (EVM), including project managers, engineers and performance analysts. Earned Schedule is a significant enhancement to EVM, extending its cost-based features to time-based management and control of schedule performance. By using ES and EVM together, project management of cost and schedule can now be treated in a truly integrated sense.

The book builds from the fundamentals of EVM to derive the concept of ES. The performance measurement baseline and earned value from EVM are utilized to extract time-based schedule performance measures, indicators, and predictors. From this foundation, complexity is incrementally added with descriptions and examples for performance analysis, prediction and project control. Specific features of ES useful to project management are included and illustrated for the following: forecasting of completion date, analysis of critical path, drill-down identification of process constraints, impediments, and areas of concern for rework. Advanced topics of effective earned value and statistical methods for project planning and forecasting, applicable to both cost and schedule, are presented, as well.
Publisher:Lulu Publishing
Date Published:2009
PMI Product ID:00101233701
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