Title:The Mindset for Creating Project Value
Author:Thomas G. Lechler, Ph.D. and John C. Byrne, Ph.D.
Category:Project Management
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Detailed Description:
To what degree does the mindset of a project manager affect the achievement of project value? Some project managers question the constraints of a project and, despite these constraints, achieve extraordinary results because they implement projects with a different mindset.

This powerful book examines project management success factors and potential possibilities to improve project performance. It also focuses on the exceptional thinker and manager—one who is not fixed just on what is given, but who seeks out and acts on opportunities to create the maximum value for a project’s stakeholders.

Using empirical data from their research study, Thomas Lechler and John Byrne demonstrate that the success of a project strongly depends on the specific attitude of the project manager and the project management decision-making process. They also address:

• Limiting effects of the Triple Constraints Paradigm
• Role of uncertainty in projects.

Leaders within organizations will find the results useful to emphasize and encourage entrepreneurial behaviors of project managers in a way that influences project performance beyond the simple application of tools and techniques. The book addresses several stakeholders, including who are responsible for implementing projects, those who suffer the consequences if things go wrong, and those who are responsible for the selection and development of project managers.

The Mindset for Creating Project Value provides insight into how a different perspective is necessary to better understand the limitations of project management in order to better explain the many phenomena that are related to the management of projects and, consequently, to improve the practical outcome.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2010
PMI Product ID:00101245101
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