Title:Program Management Complexity
Author:Ginger Levin, J. LeRoy Ward
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Although complexity is a phenomenon that confounds and challenges program managers across industry sectors, there is little information available that identifies the set of competencies managers need to complete their program successfully and deliver the benefits desired by stakeholders. Program Management Complexity: A Competency Model fills this void.

The performance competencies are organized according to the six domains of program management, while the eight personal competencies are based on research plus a survey of PgMPs worldwide. After presenting the model, along with detailed plans and guidelines for its implementation in a real-world setting, the book presents three questionnaires designed to help organizations, existing program managers, and aspiring program managers assess their own development plans.

Supplying you with the insight to recognize the elements of complexity during the defining and initiating stages, this book includes detailed guidelines to help you recruit, train, and develop program managers capable of delivering stated program benefits, services, and results.

An accompanying CD-ROM contains questions that help assess one’s own competency as a program manager as well as questions that one can use if considering program management as a career. There are also questions that an organization can use to determine the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the program managers in the organization and then chart a path for professional growth and continuous improvement.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books
Date Published:2011
PMI Product ID:00101261601
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