Title:Refining the Knowledge Production Plan: Knowledge Representations In Innovation Projects
Author:Serghei Floricel, PhD, John L. Michela, PhD, Mark George, M.A.Sc.,with Line Bonneau, PhD
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Detailed Description:Knowledge is a critical component of any project. It is often the source of innovation projects in that knowledge may open new technical possibilities or reveal new needs that can be met. Refining the Knowledge Production Plan: Knowledge Representations in Innovative Projects presents the results of research aimed at enhancing understanding of the role of knowledge and of its production in innovation projects.

The stand-out difference in this research lies in the view of what knowledge is. Traditionally, knowledge is viewed as something that resides between the ears and may be tacit or explicit. The researchers in this effort adopt a more recent perspective that treats knowledge as “objects” constructed by project participants for practical purposes. In other words, knowledge exists not abstractly in the brain, but concretely in the form of external representations ranging from sketches or email texts to high-resolution images and prototypes.

The research methodology includes a conceptual framework, qualitative research, and quantitative research. The conceptual framework is comprehensive and complete. The authors outline an overall process model that characterizes knowledge production in an innovation project. They suggest that innovators respond to project complexity with a distinct blend of cognitive operations and social processes such as resource expenditures and collaborative exertions. Study results show that the right kind of representations yield necessary cognitive benefits, but differences in project performance arise more from the social benefits of the representations used.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2011
PMI Product ID:00101262601
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