Title:Managing Conflict in Projects: Applying Mindfulness and Analysis for Optimal Results
Author:George Pitagorsky, PMP
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You know the old saying: Conflict happens.

It's an essential part of every project. It can come from any direction: from inside the core team, from senior stakeholders, even from the external market itself. It can take an infinite variety of forms. Healthy conflict will make a project more likely to succeed. No conflict robs a project of opportunities to find optimal solutions. Unhealthy conflict corrodes team productivity, morale and integrity, which in turn threatens timelines and reduces profitability. In fact, depending on the scale of the project, unhealthy conflict can even endanger organizational survival itself.

Now George Pitagorsky, PMP uses his decades of experience to provide project managers with an innovative and practical approach that will enable them to not only manage conflict, but to use it as a positive tool.

Drawing upon academic research and real-world examples, this highly accessible guide breaks conflict down to its base components and takes an insightful look at the human and process factors involved.

It then provides the reader with a flexible conflict management framework that can be used across any kind of endeavor. Step-by-step, this incisive guide then walks the reader through the process while teaching them tools and techniques that they can use to assess, diagnose and mitigate conflict's negative effects.... and leverage its power to move their project forward.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101350301
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