Title:Improving Project Performance
Author:Wellman, Jerry L., PMP
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Leadership is critical to a successful project, giving the team vision and identity while keeping stakeholders and team members on board when difficult decisions need to be made. Yet project management is more than a formulaic approach describing what should be done and how to do it. The most effective project managers understand why these actions are important.

The approach to project management is too often formulaic, describing what should be done and how to do it, but not adequately describing why those actions are important. Improving Project Performance outlines the what and how of project management, emphasizing why actions matter, the overall intention of the formulaic steps, and the strengths or weakness of various tools and techniques. Successful project teams must understand and focus intently on what Wellman describes as the eight essential habits of successful project teams.

Improving Project Performance outlines what it is that project teams are trying to accomplish, what principles are essential to project success, and why those principles are so important---emphasizing why actions matter---in eight distinct steps:

  • -Nurture a shared vision of what is to be accomplished
  • -Translate that vision into a coherent set of performance specifications
  • -Have an integrated plan for accomplishing the purpose
  • -Measure their performance against the plan and their progress toward the requirements
  • -Allow for uncertainty
  • -Manage change
  • -Continually act to influence their future
  • -Over-communicate
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Date Published:2011
PMI Product ID:00101350501
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