Title:Procurement and Supply in Projects: Misunderstood and Under-Researched
Author:Douglas Macbeth, BSc, MSc, C.Eng, Terry Williams, MA(Oxon), MSc, PhD Stuart Humby, BSc, MSc., Ken James, MA, OBE
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Detailed Description:Procurement Management is one of the nine Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK® Guide, but it is a relatively recent focus of academic study and in many business sectors the contribution of procurement is not fully realized or integrated into the strategic considerations of the business. Procurement and Supply in Projects: Misunderstood and Under-Researched examines this inconsistency.

The literature review is a rich resource that reveals key concepts, such as:

•The increased importance of procurement in projects versus continuing operations.
•Early involvement of suppliers in project planning can yield great benefits in later project performance.

Research results are many and varied. All are detailed in a series of graphics that clearly display the data, accompanied by succinct text that explains their meaning.

The conclusion is that the issue of supply and its role in projects is insufficiently recognized and incorporated into best practice guidance and action for and by project managers. The likely result is that when projects go wrong, some of the blame can be attributed to the failure to plan and manage the procurement agendas.

Procurement and Supply in Projects is a “call to action” for those who can and should do more to reap the benefits of this key project process.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101358101
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