Title:Fundamentals of Program Management: Strategic Program Bootstrapping for Business Innovation and Change
Author:Motoh Shimizu, Dr. Eng, PMP
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Detailed Description:
Projects are the means of implementing organization strategy. While strategy may be the foundation, it soon gets lost in the details of implementation. The resulting strategy-project disconnect can be a source of overall project failure.

Fundamentals of Program Management: Strategic Program Bootstrapping for Business Innovation and Change deals with this issue in a new and innovative way. The book is a core subset of a larger, highly successful book previously published in Japan. Its purpose is to provide a linkage between strategy and project management through programs, and to offer a framework for integrating strategy, programs, and projects. To date, this critical linkage has not been well understood and has usually been left to the personal knowledge and expertise of project managers engaged in actual tasks.

Author Motoh Shimizu proposes three conditions for successful realization of strategy: appropriate planning, sufficient and appropriate capability in the performing organization, and motivation among the performing staff. He describes Strategic Program Bootstrapping as the method for tying these elements together for successful implementation of strategy. Strategic Program Bootstrapping is a distinctive approach in that it defines a program as a refined expression of a strategy itself. Strategy and program are one and program managers are expected to be deeply involved in strategy and planning.

This book is serious business. It is not a light read. Every page is solid substance with potential benefit to readers. The language is reader friendly and throughout, the book is peppered with helpful sidebars that explain or clarify key terms or points. The almost revolutionary approach is presented in five logically sequenced chapters:

Programs and Business Management – foundations and definitions related to strategy, programs, bootstrapping, business value, and systems.

Program Implementation Management Processes – the practical “how-to” of program mission definition and scenarios, program design (the details), and program implementation (integration, external relations, changes, and contracting).

Strategy Management and Risk Management – business strategy, strategy analysis, relationship between strategy and risk, risk management (identification, analysis, response) and risk maturity model.

Value Assessment – concepts, objectives, assessment methods, assessment in non-commercial programs.

Project Organization and Project Management Competency – management organization, project organization, project management office, organizational maturity, communities of practice, individual capabilities, learning, competency model.

Some years ago, the practice of Japanese quality opened the eyes of businesses worldwide and was the cause of great change. This breakthrough book may well serve a similar role in the science and profession of project management.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101363101
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