Title:Enterprise Project Governance: A Guide to the Successful Management of Projects Across the Organization
Author:Paul C. Dinsmore and Luiz Rocha, Foreword by David L. Pells
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Faced with the challenge of developing products and services “faster, cheaper, and better” in order to survive in a relentlessly competitive world economy, the effective implementation of projects and programs will ultimately determine the success or failure of your organization. It’s no longer enough to simply bring single projects in on time and under budget. You now have to ensure that every project or program under your roof gets completed successfully, and that they align with the priorities, resources, and strategies of the organization as a whole and ultimately create value.

Whether your view is from the boardroom, the executive suite, the project management office, or the project trenches, Enterprise Project Governance gives you the tools and guidance you need to achieve harmonious project results across your entire organization. Containing enlightening examples and case studies, the book reveals practical methods for incorporating enterprise project governance into your company’s culture, synchronizing it with corporate governance, and maximizing efficiency and results across all departments.

You’ll learn how to:

• Plan, structure, organize, and articulate an Enterprise Project Governance Plan.
• Ensure strategic alignment across your organization.
• Navigate from strategy to execution.
• Improve the predictability of all your project and program outcomes.
• Determine the right combination, sequence, and timing of projects and programs.
• Set expectations for your stakeholders.
• Make the C-level comfortable with the decision making process, controls, and compliance mechanisms associated with all your projects and programs.

Easy to understand and filled with down-to-earth techniques, the book is aligned with the new Risk ISO 31000 and the Project Management ISO 31000, and contains advice on being project and program compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Governance issues affect all the classic components of project management, including portfolios, stakeholders, programs, and support structures. Presenting a wide range of important and useful steps you and your company can take to improve enterprise performance, this essential guide provides a holistic framework for connecting all the project-related components within your organization and exceeding even your greatest expectations.
Publisher:AMACOM Books
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101371901
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