Title:Project Psychology
Author:Sharon De Mascia
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Why do carefully planned projects fail? Projects are affected, for good or ill, by the humans who undertake them. If the plan fails to take account of the psychology of managing people and the psychology of managing change, there may be trouble ahead.

Sharon De Mascia's Project Psychology uses human behavior and emerging psychological models to provide an insight into the successful management of people in projects. By selecting the right team, facilitating a common vision and gaining a psychological understanding of how the team and the project stakeholders interact together, a project manager improves the chance of a successful outcome.

Whether you are looking to set up and manage a new project or are working to develop the competence and maturity of your organization's project management capability, Project Psychology will provide you with insights and tools for making sense of the people involved and for managing them to best effect.

Contents: Introduction; The project team skills and attitudes; What sort of leader should a project manager be?; Building the project team and its culture; Coaching the project team; Engaging stakeholders; The people side of communication; Managing risk in projects; Managing conflict in projects; Project management and change management; Using your project board; Do organisations learn from failed projects?; Project wind down; Summary; References; Index.
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101389401
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