Title:Project Intelligence
Author:David Rechenthin, DBA, MSPM, MBA
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Detailed Description:Project Intelligence enables ordinary people to create extraordinary results. In this invaluable work, practitioner and professor David Rechenthin, DBA, MSPM, MBA provides the building blocks for establishing a project intelligence system for your organization.

But don't think of Project Intelligence as just a book. Think of it instead as a library. Professor Rechenthin's detailed approach makes each chapter a virtual monograph on a specific aspect of project intelligence.

Whether its project management, leadership, measurement, planning, cost... each chapter explores the theoretical and practical applications of its topic in great detail, supporting the written content with more than 200 formulae, charts, figures and tables.

His chapter on project measurement, for instance, makes clear why measurement is the foundation of project intelligence. Its provides a thorough grounding in theory and practice, discussing deterministic vs. probabilistic scheduling and forecasting, optimal data collection, analysis and display methods and theoretical and practical approaches to the decision-making that data compels.
,br> The section on cost and investment analysis provides project personnel with a vital understanding of how money is viewed by those who ultimately make the go/no-go funding decisions at the highest level.

Professor Rechenthin’s - treatise on project planning details project execution plans, gathering and incorporating lessons-learned, managing risk and the creation and use of work breakdown structures and work packages.

Drawing on a rich mixture of classic theoretical models, cutting-edge research and the author's extensive real-world experience, this book serves as an entire shelf of vital intelligence for project managers at every level.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2013
PMI Product ID:00101405001
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