Title:Becoming Agile: ...in an imperfect world
Author:Greg Smith, Ahmed Sidky
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In the early days of agile, there was a general belief that agile had to be used in all phases of a project, and that it had to be used in its purest form. Becoming Agile discusses the cultural realities of deploying agile and how to deal with the needs of executives, managers, and the development team during migration. The author discusses employee motivation and establishing incentives that reward support of agile techniques.

Agile principles have been a breath of fresh air to many development teams stuck in the middle of a rigid, process-driven environment. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to bring agile into an existing organization with established people and practices. Becoming Agile shows you practical techniques and strategies to move from your existing process to an agile process without starting from scratch.

Becoming Agile takes a different approach and focuses on explaining agile from a ground-level point-of-view. Author Greg Smith, a certified ScrumMaster with dozens of agile projects under his belt, presents agile principles in the context of a case study that flows throughout the book.

Becoming Agile will show you how to create a custom agile process that supports the realities of your environment. The process will minimize risk as you transition to agile iteratively, allowing time for your culture and processes to acclimate to agile principles.


•How to migrate to agile
•How to get your team to buy into the change
•How to scale and sustain your new agile process
•How to create an agile process that works for your company
•How to use agile in special situations
•How to iteratively build up your agile process and culture
Publisher:Manning Publications
Date Published:2009
PMI Product ID:00101406201
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