Title:Project Management for Non-Project Managers
Author:Jack Ferraro
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As a seasoned project management consultant and instructor with over two decades of experience, Jack Ferraro has witnessed countless functional managers who have been thrust into project teams – or even project leadership positions – desperate to gain an understanding of PM fundamentals. Project Management for Non-Project Managers is a simply written, down-to-earth guide that will help you understand your role in any project, and enable you to use project management techniques to actively participate in and ensure the successful completion of any project initiative.

Featuring step-by-step guidelines and enlightening stories from the project trenches, this easy-to-understand book introduces you to critical project management skills. You’ll learn how to:

• Engage productively with project managers and teams to increase the probability of real business value being created from the project.
• Eliminate the unnecessary work that often slows projects down.
• Play an aggressive role in the initial planning process.
• Understand what a project team should be providing and when, what you need to provide the project team, and how to interpret schedule and cost information.
• Manage risk, and prevent changing require¬ments from derailing the completion of important milestones.

Illustrated by case studies, and filled with helpful checklists and exercises, the book clearly explains project management tools including business analysis techniques, work breakdown structures, program sequencing techniques, and risk-management methods. You’ll learn everything you need to know to articulate effectively real business needs to the project team, and use quantifiable action steps to ensure real results.

Whether you’re being asked to work together with a project management team, or are eager to put proven project management techniques to work for you, this book will enable you to use the tools that will help you become a productive spearhead of change in your organization.
Publisher:AMACOM Books
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101406301
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