Title:Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management: Practices that Deliver Remarkable Results
Author:Alexander Laufer
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If we are all going to be working in organizations that develop and produce and extensively work with knowledge, then we also have to change the very way in which we structure the work. In many places, this is already going on. The most common new form of knowledge based work where this is already going on is in projects—projects of every shape and form. And that is the focus of this book.

Laufer reveals core leadership principles that are crucial to successful project leadership in dynamic and complex environments, regardless of industry, project goals, or stakeholders. Then, together with his contributors, he presents eight chapter-length case studies covering exceptionally challenging projects in a wide spectrum of industries and products – from developing missiles to reorganizing companies, building spacecraft and dairy plants to flying solar-powered airplanes. Readers will discover new ways to unleash the power of autonomy and learning; adapt to change on a timely basis; “give up” control without “losing” control; use face-to-face interaction to maximize alignment; manage “no fun” missions in hostile environments; deliver on bold ideas through sheer preparation; learn from practice – and unlearn lessons that need to be unlearned. Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management will be invaluable to executives, project leaders, and aspiring project leaders in all organizations – regardless of their project goals, backgrounds, or experience.
Publisher:Pearson Education/FT Press
Date Published:2012
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