Title:Grateful Leadership – Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage All Your People and Achieve Superior Results
Author:Judith W. Umlas
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Detailed Description:Engaged employees are passionate and feel a deeper connection to their work. Grateful Leadership is an essential principle for leaders who want to achieve the bottom line and foster a value-driven workforce to build stronger professional relationships with customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Grateful Leadership identifies techniques for creating a more positive and meaningful connection between you and the people you lead. These skills are a catalyst for making immediate positive changes in your workplace that can enhance productivity, reputation, and overall performance.

In Grateful Leadership, leadership training expert Judith W. Umlas provides the rationale, tools, and methodology to build a company culture based on the free expression of gratitude, and reveals simple but remarkably effective ways for leaders to build a culture in which each individual employee possesses:

Courage to make important decisions
Willingness to take initiative
Trust in the organization and fellow employees
Motivation to strive for continuous improvement

In a culture of gratitude, employees stay. Unappreciated employees usually leave. People need to thrive, not just survive. Grateful Leaders readily engage their employees and other stakeholders. Acknowledgement is a basic human need and a powerful motivator—people want to make a difference.

Your company will benefit from the many Grateful Leadership stories—as told by leaders such as Walter Robb, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market—that attest to the fact that when you appreciate, acknowledge, and affirm the essential contributions of employees, you unlock their potential to deliver superior results and enable your business to meet stakeholder expectations and outperform.

Grateful Leadership is a best practices guidebook to employee engagement, staff retention, and increased productivity. Use this book to motivate and inspire your team, your organization, your customers, and, yes, yourself by following the actionable next steps for implementing a culture based on acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratitude.
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional & IIL
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101428801
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