Title:Customer Centric Project Management
Author:Elizabeth Harrin and Phil Peplow
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Customer-Centric Project Management is a short guide explaining what customer-centricity means in terms of how you work and its importance for project performance; using tools and processes to guide customer-centric thinking will help you see the results of engagement and demonstrate how things can improve, even on difficult projects. The text provides a straightforward implementation guide to moving your own business to a customer-centric way of working, using a model called Exceed and provides some guidance for ensuring that customer-centricity is sustainable and supported in the organization.

This is a practical, rigorous and well-researched text. It draws on established models and uses the example of project implementation in a healthcare environment to demonstrate the impact of this significant way of thinking about value.

The authors can’t guarantee that the Exceed process will radically improve project success rates, and no process can. Adopting a customer-centric mindset and using the Exceed process to measure and monitor customer satisfaction will, however, help you move towards working with happier, more engaged stakeholders

Introduction; Introducing a customer-centric process; Why customers count; Why collaborative project management is not enough Measuring project performance; Customer centricity in practice; a case study; Customer centricity in a project environment; Refining your customer-centric approach; Implementing Exceed; Moving forward with customer-centric project management; Carry on the discussion; Appendices; References; Licensing; Index.
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101444001
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