Title:Project Management for Profit
Author:Joe Knight, Roger Thomas, Brad Angus, John Case
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Conventional project management systems too often fail to tell you whether you are making money, or what to do about it if you're not. Periodic financial reports aren't helpful, so it can be nearly impossible to tell whether the whole thing is profitable until the final accounting long after the project is complete.

Here, Joe Knight and company the forces behind the blockbuster Financial Intelligence show every project manager, no matter how small his or her company, how to run projects differently. Readers will learn to:

1. Accurately track progress on a weekly basis not just milestones and budget but profitability and make whatever course corrections are necessary
2. Let everyone working on the project see exactly how they're doing, and harness their ideas about how to fix whatever goes wrong (and something always does)
3. Identify the need for change orders as they happen, and incorporate each one into the overall project financials
4. Communicate weekly with customers bad news as well as good so that customers are never surprised (or outraged) by enormous changes at the last minute. (Ditto for senior management, which also doesn't like surprises)
5. Use a detailed database of past projects for calculating costs, hours, and so forth, so that budgets are as accurate as they can possibly be

Setpoint Systems, the authors company, teaches the method in the same popular seminars that helped to launch FI, and will heartily support the rollout of the new book. The approach is easy-to-implement, field-tested, and aimed at maintaining profitability, meaning it serves an unmet and growing need.
Publisher:Harvard Business Review Press
Date Published:2012
PMI Product ID:00101444401
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