Title:Megaproject Management Lessons on Risk and Project Management from the Big Dig
Author:Virginia A. Greiman
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Detailed Description:
In Megaproject Management, a central member of the Big Dig team reveals the numerous risks, challenges, and accomplishments of the most complex urban infrastructure project in the history of the United States. Drawing on personal experience and interviews with project engineers, executive oversight commission officials, and core managers, the author, a former deputy counsel and risk manager for the Big Dig, develops new insights as she describes the realities of day-to-day management of the project from a project manager's perspective.

The book incorporates both theory and practice and is therefore highly recommended to policy makers, academics, and project management practitioners. Focusing on lessons learned, this insightful coursebook presents the Big Dig as a massive case study in the management of risk, cost, and schedule, particularly the interrelation of technical, legal, political and social factors. It provides an analysis of the difficulties in managing megaprojects during each phase and over the life span of the project, while delivering useful lessons on why projects go wrong and what can be done to prevent project failure. It also offers new ideas to enhance project management performance and innovation in our global society.

This unique guide:

Defines megaproject characteristics and frameworks

Reviews the Big Dig's history, stakeholders, and governance

Examines the project's management scope, scheduling, and cost management--including project delays and cost overruns

Analyzes the Big Dig's risk management and quality management

Reveals how to build a sustainable project through integration and change introduction
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons and Project Management Institute
Date Published:2013
PMI Product ID:00101456201
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