Title:Residential Construction Management Managing According to the Project Lifecycle
Author:Joseph Griffin
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Detailed Description:Residential Construction Management will provide construction managers a concise and practical guide to managing residential construction projects. One of the fundamental reasons residential contractors fail to prosper is that they are poor managers. By presenting project management tools in their appropriate context of the project lifecycle—initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing—readers will more clearly understand the iterative nature of construction management, which is a key to successfully managing a construction project. You can’t afford to be without this indispensible working tool and its step-by-step instructions, project management templates, and real-world case studies.

Key Features:

•Walks you through the entire project management lifecycle resulting in a better understanding of the iterative processes of construction management
•Offers the information and real world tools needed to successfully apply to a planned or current project
•Discusses how to approach a banker and secure financing – especially valuable in the current market
•Shows how various knowledge areas and project management tools interact when doing a project providing you with the knowledge to create your own project plan
Publisher:J. Ross Publishing
Date Published:2010
PMI Product ID:00101470401
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