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Title:The Risk Management Memory Jogger
Author:Carl Pritchard and Karen Tate
Format:Spiral Binder
Category:The Risk Management Memory Jogger
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Detailed Description:How do you deal with risk? Risk is your work, at home, and an ever-present factor in new ventures, financial investments, relationships, work projects, and all types of do you decide whether the effort is worth the risk, or figure out how to minimize the risks?

Key topics include:
• Leadership summary
• Establishing a risk culture
• Creating and managing the Risk Register
• SWOT Analysis, Delphi Technique, and other tools for identifying risks
• Probability & Impact Matrix, FMEA, Monte Carlo Analysis, and other tools for analyzing and evaluating risks
• Case study of a corporate merger
• Glossary
• Variety of visual, practical examples

Aligned with A PMBOK® Guide and ISO 31000: Risk Management, Principles and Guidelines.

"The Risk Management Memory Jogger makes me feel like I am walking around with Carl Pritchard in one pocket and Karen Tate in the other. This dynamic duo have crafted the ultimate reference/guide for those who aren't strong enough to haul with them the plethora of books written on the critical topic of RISK MANAGEMENT!
I predict that this Pocket Guide will become the aid that thousands of project management professionals will refer to for advice as they plan and execute their projects. My only regret is that I didn't think of it before they did! "— Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO,, PMI Fellow
Date Published:2013
PMI Product ID:00101491901
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