Title:Procurement Project Management Success
Author:Diana L. Lindstrom
Category:Project Management
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Detailed Description:“For the first time, the basic steps and skill set required for successful project management is specifically adapted to the procurement process. Procurement Project Management Success is a practical guide that will help purchasing professionals manage their procurements in a cost-effective, systematic, and timely manner.”
Sherry R. Gordon, President, Value Chain Group LLC

About the Item:
Procurement Project Management Success integrates supply management best practices and processes with those applicable from the field of project management. It explains how to initiate, plan, manage, and complete both simple and complex procurement projects successfully. Through the use of scheduling, communication plans, risk management and other project management processes, these procurements satisfy stakeholders by setting expectations, continuously communicating status, and getting the best value for the dollar.
This book shows project managers all the steps and processes used in procurement, and details for procurement professionals how adding and applying a few project management processes and techniques to their skill set can substantially improve both their company’s results and their career opportunities.

Key Features
• Demonstrates project management tools and techniques that can easily be used to add value to the procurement process such as a work breakdown structure (WBS), budget, schedule, Gantt chart, network diagram, and communication and risk management
• Explains the skills needed and used by successful procurement professionals and outlines the seven key procurement steps that should always be followed
• Delineates the elements of procurement and communication plans and their importance to project success
• Highlights how applying project management techniques to procurement leads to greatly improved communications within a company/agency, including interactions between procurement and business unit personnel
• Provides step-by-step instructions for developing a procurement project schedule and budget, and demonstrates the importance of a change control system
• Dissects a negotiation example for the good, the bad, and the ugly, and outlines negotiation goals, along with the processes and techniques to use
• Covers the entire contract administration process in detail
• Uses case examples that everyone can relate to throughout the book to demonstrate the activities and processes required to complete a procurement project successfully
• WAV offers downloadable instructions for creating a Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel for Mac, and an actual request for proposal, schedule, budget, and procurement plan based on a case example — available from the Web Added ValueTM Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com
Publisher:J.Ross Publishing
Date Published:2014
PMI Product ID:00101503601
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