Title:Projects for Profit: An Insider’s Guide to Delivering Projects and Getting Paid
Author:Robin Hornby, PMP
Format:Spiral Binder
Category:Business, Complexity, Communications
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Projects for Profit is a comprehensive analysis of the commercial project business, a neglected and poorly understood discipline. Designed for professional services managers and others responsible for adapting business practices to projects, the book is presented in two parts:

Part 1 discusses six topics at the heart of any effort to successfully analyze the business of projects. These include the concept of a business lifecycle and using the application lifecycle as a vehicle for client/vendor integration; how to build a functional services organization; using risk management as a systematic core process; realistic ways to estimate commercial project work; confronting the complexities of quality; and understanding the language and requirements of finance.

Part 2 offers a comprehensive and practical framework for a Commercial Delivery Methodology, which most firms can customize to their specific needs with only minimal additional effort. The business lifecycle design includes five phases: Assessing the Opportunity, Bidding, Initiating, Executing, and Completing the project.
Each chapter opens with the deployment flowchart and IPOs followed by policy and process descriptions, diagrams, report formats, templates, and checklists.
Reference is made to the key techniques described in Part 1.

The book includes a brief set of references, and an extensive glossary.

About the Author:
Robin Hornby, who worked in the information technology industry for over 30 years, currently teaches project management at Mount Royal University, and consults to private clients. He pioneered many of the delivery practices described in this book.
Publisher:Tempest Management Inc.
Date Published:June 2013
PMI Product ID:00101507701
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