Title:Handbook for Sustainable Projects - Global Sustainability and Project Management
Author:Paola Morgese
Category:Technology & Engineering / Project Management
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Also available in Italian, Manuale per Progetti Sostenibili - Sostenibilità Globale e Project Management. Click Here

This book comes at the end of Paola Morgese’s three years long experience as the first knowledge management leader of the Global Sustainability Community of Practice of the PMI® (Project Management Institute).

She felt the need for further discussion in the field of the global (environmental, social, and economic) sustainability and of the management of projects, both of them her strong passions. During this period, Paola has had the opportunity to interact with researchers, practitioners, students, writers, experts and beginners of different ages and from different parts of the world, both virtually and in person, on the evolving and intricate issues related to sustainability. What is common is the passion for a new, fair, ethic, comprehensive, and long term vision of the projects. Moreover, this book forms a summary of the author’s local and international work experiences, seminars, webinars, blog posts, articles, and, university and non, lessons about the global sustainability in the management of the projects, and on the sustainable development.

In this book Paola, engineer and PMP, tries to give some practical approach to project management in an organized and structured manner, so that this passion would turn into positive, and beneficial for everyone, products, results, and services.

The book is intended for readers who already have an understanding and knowledge, even if minimum, in the field of project management and sustainability, and refers to the 2013 ISO 21500 standard “Guidance on Project Management”. Only some projects are sustainable by nature, but all projects can be managed sustainably.
Date Published:May 2014
PMI Product ID:00101580001
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