Title:Managing Amidst Rapid Change
Author:Simon Collyer, PhD.
Category:Management techniques, Leadership
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Detailed Description:The ability to deliver value in dynamic environments has become an essential skill for today’s project managers given the ever increasing rates of change driven by deregulation, the information age, and globalization. Managing Amidst Rapid Change responds to this new reality with specific management techniques that refine the theory of how best to handle projects significantly challenged by dynamism.

Combining management research with advice from experienced practitioners across 10 industries, and interspersed with analyses of case studies from Google, NASA, and IBM, to name just a few, this practitioner-focused book proposes a new theoretical model for managing rapid change in projects.

Subjects covered by the study include planning styles, culture, communication, and leadership, specifically:
• Alternative planning processes and control approaches to the traditional management-as-planning model used for static projects
• Culture and communication approaches suitable to dynamic environments
• Desirable leadership qualities and decision-making strategies that balance stability with flexibility
• Experimentation, discovery, and selection processes to leverage innovation in high-performance projects

Managing Amidst Rapid Change highlights the importance of customizing project management for dynamism. With the management approaches presented here, practitioners will find it possible to comprehend and adapt to an unfolding reality that is uncertain, ever changing, and unpredictable.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:May 2015
PMI Product ID:00101581001
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