Title:The Bear on Program Management
Author:The Bear
Category:Program Management, Project Teams, Stakeholder Issues
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Detailed Description:Programs, particularly transformational programs, exist to implement the organization’s strategy. To be effective, the program manager must fully understand the client’s strategy, which means the client must trust the program manager enough to share that strategy with him.

From mega-programs of global importance—from the Panama Canal Expansion, the London Olympics through the Saudi Modernization Program and Dallas-Fort Worth’s Capital Development Program—to the revitalization of a neighborhood or a school district, program managers lead endeavors that can transform an organization, a company, a city, a nation, or a global community.
Programs well conceived, planned, and executed can beneficially impact hundreds or thousands of participants and can advance the hopes and aspirations of millions of stakeholders and international communities. Using good processes helps, but processes are not nearly enough.
Programs are extraordinarily complicated, and humans turn programs into muddles more often than not. The Bear draws on his experience leading in US and global programs to provide guidance on the client’s strategy and the most effective program manager’s strategy.

The Bear has participated in major programs for over forty years, led several extremely successful Programs (and one singularly disastrous one from which there was much to be learned). Use the Bear’s experience to make your program one of those happy few that achieves the sponsor’s, stakeholders’, and program manager’s objectives to transform the organization, authority, city, or country into a better performing, happier place to work and live.

About the Author
THE BEAR, of the Bear and the Rose LLC, is a professional engineer, a retired army officer, a design builder, an occasional college instructor, and a program manager. His lair is in the Front Range of the Rockies, where he lives with the love of his life, the Rose.
Publisher:Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC
Date Published:July 2014
PMI Product ID:00101583401
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