Title:Project Management Communication Tools
Author:William Dow, PMP & Bruce Taylor
Category:Effective communication
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Detailed Description:Project Management Communication Tools is the authoritative reference on one of the most important aspects of managing projects--project communications. Written with the project manager, stakeholder, and project team in mind, this resource provides the best practices, tips, tricks, and tools for successful project communications.

This book covers:
i) Communication Tools across all PMI Knowledge Areas and Processes

ii) Social Media and Project Management

iii) Agile Communication Tools

iv) Project Management Business Intelligence Understand the right communication tools for each stage of a project PMP Prep Questions (Communications questions only)

v) Face to face communication

vi) Communication on virtual projects

vii) Preventing common communication problems
And much more.
Publisher:Dow Publishing LLC
Date Published:May 2015
PMI Product ID:00101584001
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