Title:Project Management Professionals are Coloring Outside the Lines
Author:Jeff Tobe; Ted Kallman
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Historically, project managers are not known as a creative breed. PMs are the people you call when something needs to get done, or when current chaos needs to be mud-wrestled into a cogent result. They map the reality of what has been asked for, create and offer a plan that delivers it on scope, on time and on budget. Who needs creative? Right? Wrong. This book is for the detail-oriented project manager who does not believe that creativity has any place in a well-run project. It's also for the project manager who just wants to take their career to the next level. This book will be a thought-sparking journey into a more creative and satisfying life as project manager.

Written by international thought leader and author, Jeff Tobe along with project management guru, Ted Kallman, Coloring Outside the Lines gives fun, street-smart tactics that will inspire you and possibly change the way you look at the profession! Through the entertaining, life-lessons in the book, Tobe and Kallman apply their theories specifically to you, the project management professional. (Tobe also brags that "it's the only business book in the world, illustrated by my then-twelve-year-old daughter!!)
Date Published:September 2015
PMI Product ID:00101588201
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