Title:Agile Almanac - Book 1: Single-Team Projects and Exam Prep
Author:John Stenbeck, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP
Category:Exam Reference, Agile, Change Management, Leadership, Fundamentals, Quality, Requirements Management, Scheduling, Stakeholder Issues, PM Tools, Risk, I.T.
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Detailed Description:For Project Managers, Engineers and Technical Professionals who want to understand Agile best practices and the science behind them, the Agile Almanac is an unbiased, well-researched compilation of the most used and proven standards, produced in a way that avoids the accusatory dogmatic viewpoints often expressed by the evangelists on any side of the Agile versus Traditional battlefield.

·Unlike the Scrum Guide and the PMBOK® Guide the Agile Almanac has collected and codified the various Agile choices and options available at the intersection of Lean Principles, Product Development and Project Management.

·The Almanac extends that thought leadership into non-software environments and presents the information in an easily accessible and immediately applicable fashion in order to serve as a Field Guide for practitioners in the real world!

·What makes the Agile Almanac the most significant series available to Agile Practitioners? First, each book allows Practitioners and Organizations to select precisely the content they need and zero in on applying it in the ways best suited to the context of their environments.

·Second, both Books 2 and 3 will be the outcome of a collaboration of the best and brightest minds working with Agile in the current environment of organizations. Seventeen bright minds gathered in Snowbird in 2001 and provided necessary and important insights that launched Agile 1.0. One measure of their success is the growth over that last 15 years that has led to organizations - both public and private - who are now clamoring for reliability, predictability and scalability using Agile.

·At the highest level, the Agile domain can be divided into three sub-domains. Agile 1.0 is Single-team Projects and Exam Prep. Agile 2.0 is Programs with Multi- and Virtual-team Environments. Agile 3.0 is Portfolio Management and Enterprise Scaling. Each domain is covered in its own book in the Almanac series.

Publisher:GR8PM, Inc.
Date Published:December 2015
PMI Product ID:00101589701
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