Title:Getting It Done: Project Management in Action
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Are you a project manager? When people ask what you do, do you reply “I Get Things Done”?

If you work hard every day to “get it done,” this book is for you. In this collection of articles from PM Network®, the award-winning magazine from the Project Management Institute (PMI), practitioners from around the world share how they get things done―and take their careers where they want to go.

Their advice centers on the technical aspects of project management, on leadership, and on strategic and business management skills―the three sides of the PMI Talent Triangle™. Together, they represent what employers seek in their project management talent.

Within this book, you will find inspiring stories that illustrate the value of your profession. And, if you are considering project management as a career, these personal stories will give you a deeper understanding of the profession.

Foreword by PMI President and CEO Mark A. Langley.

Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:May 2016
PMI Product ID:00101592301
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