Title:The Transitioning Military IT Professional (The Transitioning Military Series)
Author:LTCJay Hicks; Sandy Cobb
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Detailed Description:Do you desire a career in Information Technology? The Transitioning Military IT Professional is designed to help transitioning military personnel evaluate and understand the potential for transforming themselves into a marketable commodity within the public and private sectors as Information Technology (IT) professional employees and managers. The book provides guidance for the translation of military experience to the commercial IT world. Veterans gain insight of their personal military experience, understand the value of their learned knowledge and confidently approach their transition into the civilian marketplace as IT professionals through application of their learned and inherent skills. Transitional knowledge is codified through the use of authoritative sources, IT certifying organizations, DAU and other veterans who have successfully transitioned into the IT career field. This book provides a method for personal change and surviving the transition from the service into the civil service or commercial sectors. In addition to authoritative IT management information, The Transitioning Military IT Professional also contains real-world success stories, self-evaluation, personal assessments and Personal Strategic Roadmap development. Insight is provided for those seeking the most satisfying job beyond their military career, while simultaneously giving guidance for the newcomer to the commercial environment and associated challenges. This book is for everyone transitioning from the military, considering Information Technology as an occupation after the service.

Date Published:August 2016
PMI Product ID:00101596701
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