Title:Integrated IT Performance Management
Author:Kenneth Bainey
Category:Business, I.T., Program Management, Change Management, Human Resources
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Detailed Description:Unlike theoretical books that focus on human resources performance management, this book presents a compilation of the author’s extensive IT management, performance management, project management, enterprise architecture, and applications development knowledge and skills, and industry experiences gained over more than 35 years as an IT professional in the private, public, and academic sectors in Canada and the United States.

It provides an Integrated IT Performance Management Framework (IPMF-IT)™ that integrates strategic, IT operational, and performance management components based on a results-driven performance measurement and accountability framework. It also demonstrates the applicability of this framework within the context of the entire IT services delivery life cycle, using a model-centric approach. A unique and innovative aspect of this model is the alignment of outcome measures with output measures, which focuses on the effectiveness and efficiencies of output measures to the management, measurement, and delivery of IT services, using integrated IT performance measurement dashboards.


•Demonstrates the value of integrating strategic, operational, and performance management in enabling accountability for results to achieve organizational excellence

•Provides a results-driven performance measurement and accountability framework that is based on a specific set of strategic management, IT operational management, and performance management components

•Serves as a performance management reference for managers (IT and business), enterprise architects (IT and business), and executive managers (IT and business) involved in making evidence-based performance management decisions

•Addresses real-world issues in performance management that have caused stressful situations to managers and executives (business and IT) and develops recommended solutions using real-world scenarios

•Shows how to improve communications and enable integration, accountability, and effective change management

•Provides an Information Technology (IT) performance management framework that aligns strategic directives with operational execution using practical integrated IT performance measurement dashboards in managing, measuring, and monitoring the delivery of IT services. This IT framework provides the ability for evidence-based performance management decision-making using predictive performance analytics instead of decision-making using guesses, self-serving twisted logic, intuition, and emotional logic

•Includes extensive "study testing questions" and "questions to think about" after each chapter. This provides readers with a sound understanding of IT performance management that focuses on accountability for results-outputs and outcomes, transparency, integration, and transformational change

Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books, USA
Date Published:January 2016
PMI Product ID:00101596901
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