Title:Project and Program Turnaround
Author:Thomas Pavelko
Category:I.T., Leadership
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This book identifies the essential fundamentals for executing a program or project turnaround effectively. These fundamentals include:

• Clearly identifying the next critical accomplishment needed for success

• Assigning responsibility for each program task to one person

• Capitalizing on colocation and face-to-face communication

• Recruiting problem solvers

• Wining commitment from team members

• Using team accomplishments to propel high team morale

The guidance provided in this book is applicable to all program or project genres, including manufacturing, nonprofit work, education, medicine, investment management, and municipal management.

Software has become a great part of both providing product functionality and assisting with managing product development. A special chapter devoted to software development dispels common misconceptions and provides guidance for turning around this special type of project or program.

This book is a highly valuable source of insight for a wide range of readers, including management professionals, business students, and executive managers. Every member of a product or project development team will find its recommendations to be of high value.

Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books, USA
Date Published:December 2016
PMI Product ID:00101599001
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