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Author:Ralph L. Kliem, PMP
Description:Creative companies are distinguished by their ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic, changing economy. Their products and services stand out in the market, and these companies’ ability to be agile and innovative is key to their success.
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Group
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Author:Barbara Davis
Description:This book is a concise step-by-step guide to building and establishing the frameworks and models for the effective management and development of software requirements. It describes what great requirements must look like and who the real audience is for documentation. It then explains how to generate consistent, complete, and accurate requirements in exacting detail following a simple formula across the full life cycle from vague concept to detailed design-ready specifications.

Mastering Software Project Requirements will enable business analysts and project managers to decompose high-level solutions into granular requirements and to elevate their performance through due diligence and the use of better techniques to meet the particular needs of a given project without sacrificing quality, scope, or project schedules.
Publisher:J. Ross Publishing, Inc.
Member Price:$52.20
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Student Member Price:$52.20
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Author:Dean Leffingwell
Description:The first book 100% focused on overcoming the #1 barrier to agile adoption in large software organizations-- requirements gathering
This book will help you leverage the benefits of Agile without sacrificing the value of effective requirements discovery and analysis. You’ll find proven solutions you can apply right now–whether you’re a software developer or tester, executive, project/program manager, architect, or team leader.

• Comprehensive solutions, proven processes, and real-world insights for capturing requirements at the right level of detail without compromising agility • Covers agile requirements at all levels, from teams to the entire enterprise • By leading requirements guru and agile expert Dean Leffingwell, author of Managing Software Requirements, Second Edition
Member Price:$52.25
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Student Member Price:$52.25
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Author:Mario Cardinal

Long-time agile coach and enterprise architect Mario Cardinal shows how to create executable specifications and use them to test software behavior against requirements. Cardinal shows how to trawl requirements incrementally, step-by-step, using a vision-centric and emergent iterative practice that is designed for agility.

Beyond “user stories”: Breakthrough agile specifications and requirements techniques for delivering more successful agile projects

• The first book to fully define and illuminate best-practice roles for business analysts and software architects within agile teams
• Shows how to use prototyping with agile specifications, and how to design layered architectures using agile specifications
• Helps you build emergent designs while consistently ensuring implementation correctness at all times
• Integrates and simplifies the best techniques from FIT, ATDD, and BDD
• Technology independent: works with any tools, in any environment
Member Price:$21.85
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Student Member Price:$21.85
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Author:Joy Beatty, Karl Wiegers
Description:• Describes practical, effective, field-tested techniques for managing the requirements engineering process from end to end.
• Provides examples demonstrating how requirements "good practices" can lead to fewer change requests, higher customer satisfaction, and lower development costs.
• Fully updated with contemporary examples and many new practices and techniques.
• Describes how to apply effective requirements practices to agile projects and numerous other special project situations.
• Targeted to business analysts, developers, project managers, and other software project stakeholders who have a general understanding of the software development process.
Member Price:$42.75
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Student Member Price:$42.75
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Author:John Stenbeck, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP
PMI-ACP® has become the fastest growing certification in PMI history! This NEW and IMPROVED version of our top selling book has 113 pages of updated content to ensure you pass the exam FIRST time! So if you don't pass the PMI-ACP exam the first time - for any reason - within 90 days just send us the original notice from Prometric showing you didn't pass and the purchase receipt, and we will send you a you a questions asked! This book includes 425 Exam Prep Questions and Expert Digests of Scrum, XP, Lean, FDD, AUP, Crystal, TDD and Agile Modeling!
Publisher:GR8PM, Inc.
Member Price:$75.95
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Student Member Price:$75.95
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Author:John P. Kotter
Description:John Kotter shows how organizations can keep up with an ever-more-turbulent world, responding to threats and capturing opportunities with a unique "dual operating system," combining the benefits of both hierarchy and networks for true strategic agility.
Publisher:Harvard Business Review Press
Member Price:$23.75
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Student Member Price:$23.75
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Author:Michael D. Watkins
Description:A critical guide for new managers or anyone in a leadership transition.

Transitions are a critical time for leaders. In fact, most agree that moving into a new role is the biggest challenge a manager will face. While transitions offer a chance to start fresh and make needed changes in an organization, they also place leaders in a position of acute vulnerability. Missteps made during the crucial first three months in a new role can jeopardize or even derail your success.
Publisher:Harvard Business Review Press
Member Price:$28.50
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Student Member Price:$28.50
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Author:Robert K. Wysocki
Description:The Seventh Edition of Effective Project Management provides updated and expanded coverage of all major project management techniques, including traditional, agile, and extreme. This Seventh edition adds more than 100 pages of new content---in part based on feedback from professors who have adopted the current edition---plus consolidation of content in other areas. The author retains his winning approach to the material, which includes step-by-step processes, and related tools and templates to support both practitioners and students.
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Member Price:$61.75
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Student Member Price:$61.75
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Author:Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman
Description:Reduced price. This week only! Buy now.

Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis is a practical guide for rapidly discovering product needs in your lean/agile project. Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, leading agile practitioners and consultants, share key concepts, practices, examples, a case study, tips, and powerful planning and analysis tools. This book is for professionals who need to collaboratively conceive, deliver and support software products and systems. You'll learn how to continually discover and deliver high-value products. Gottesdiener and Gorman introduce a visual language and employ navigation aids to engage readers. The case study is woven throughout the discussion of concepts and detailed practices and is the subject of 80 examples. Whatever type of software product or system you build, whatever your area of expertise-product or project management and leadership; business analysis; development, testing and quality assurance; or business management-Discover to Deliver explains essential practices you can use in your daily work as you collaborate to rapidly discover product needs and deliver valued results.
Publisher:EBG Consulting, Inc.
Member Price:$34.45
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Student Member Price:$34.45
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