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Author:Frank P. Saladis
Description:A definitive guide for managers and leaders looking to build strong connections with their teams that will enhance performance and success, inspiring creativity and innovation. This book offers paradigm shifting expertise from leading authorities, leadership models from notable and innovative companies, and exercises to trace personal progress.
Publisher:IIL Publishing
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Student Member Price:$23.75
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Author:David Pratt, PMP
Description:With constrained schedules and anxious stakeholders eager for results, the typical IT project team doesn’t have the luxury of wading through lengthy tomes to find solutions. The IT Project Management Answer Book guides you to the specific answers you need to successfully conduct and complete your IT project.
Publisher:Management Concepts Press
Member Price:$42.75
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Student Member Price:$42.75
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Author:Gerard M. Hill
Description:The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Third Edition explains how to use the project management office (PMO) as a business integrator to influence project outcomes in a manner that serves both project and business management interests.
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Group
Member Price:$85.45
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Student Member Price:$85.45
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Author:William P. Athayde; Ruth Elswick; Paul Lombard; Deborah Bigelow Crawford, Editor
Description:If you’re new to project management or need to refresh your knowledge, Project Management Essentials, Third Edition is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to manage projects successfully.
Read the book and discover:
• The key skills and knowledge you’ll need to be an effective project manager
• How to create an effective charter to start your project off right
• Guidelines for building a usable project plan
• Tips for breaking your project work into manageable pieces
• Techniques for accurately estimating project cost and schedule
• Help in building a team and different leadership styles you might apply to manage them
• Strategies to deal with conflict, change, uncertainty, and risk
• How to report on the progress of the project and keep everyone concerned happy.

The simple techniques and templates in this book, which complies with the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition, provide you with the essential tools you’ll need to be an effective project manager.The authors are senior faculty of PM College.
Publisher:Maven House Press
Member Price:$23.70
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Student Member Price:$23.70
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Author:Guilherme Biesek, Nuno Gil, PhD
Description:How do project teams overcome differences to adopt a design plan that strikes a balance between short-term affordability and long-term adaptability? In the book, Building Options at Project Front-End Strategizing: The Power of Capital Design for Evolvability, Guilherme Biesek and Nuno Gil cite research indicating the need for a formal framework to develop front-end strategies that ensure cost-effective management of the project through future change.

Biesek and Gil found limitations in the current practices and theory for management of capital projects, and turned to real options reasoning and design literature. Project teams often resort to real options reasoning, because investment in design flexibility is similar to buying options.
If future changes are minimal or favorable the options can be exercised to adapt the design economically. In the event the future is not favorable to the project, a limited investment has been lost.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$27.95
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Student Member Price:$27.95
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Author:Dean Leffingwell
Description:The first book 100% focused on overcoming the #1 barrier to agile adoption in large software organizations-- requirements gathering
This book will help you leverage the benefits of Agile without sacrificing the value of effective requirements discovery and analysis. You’ll find proven solutions you can apply right now–whether you’re a software developer or tester, executive, project/program manager, architect, or team leader.

• Comprehensive solutions, proven processes, and real-world insights for capturing requirements at the right level of detail without compromising agility • Covers agile requirements at all levels, from teams to the entire enterprise • By leading requirements guru and agile expert Dean Leffingwell, author of Managing Software Requirements, Second Edition
Member Price:$52.25
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Student Member Price:$52.25
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Author:Mario Cardinal

Long-time agile coach and enterprise architect Mario Cardinal shows how to create executable specifications and use them to test software behavior against requirements. Cardinal shows how to trawl requirements incrementally, step-by-step, using a vision-centric and emergent iterative practice that is designed for agility.

Beyond “user stories”: Breakthrough agile specifications and requirements techniques for delivering more successful agile projects

• The first book to fully define and illuminate best-practice roles for business analysts and software architects within agile teams
• Shows how to use prototyping with agile specifications, and how to design layered architectures using agile specifications
• Helps you build emergent designs while consistently ensuring implementation correctness at all times
• Integrates and simplifies the best techniques from FIT, ATDD, and BDD
• Technology independent: works with any tools, in any environment
Member Price:$21.85
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Student Member Price:$21.85
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Author:Lee; Margaret R.
Description:Leading Virtual Project Teams: Adapting Leadership Theories and Communications Techniques to 21st Century Organizations addresses the challenges the virtual project management environment poses to traditional methods of leadership and communication. It introduces new approaches for adapting existing leadership theories to e-leadership as well as progressive tools and techniques to improve virtual project communications.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books, USA
Member Price:$66.45
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Student Member Price:$66.45
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Author:Judi Neal and Alan Harpham
Description:This book examines the role that spirituality plays in project management. It is an extremely important factor that is almost always overlooked, but when tapped into, it can make the difference between effectiveness and ineffectiveness.

With a greater understanding of the role of spirituality in project management, project leaders will be able to engage their team members' passion and purpose, unleash their creativity, and help them solve difficult problems.
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing
Member Price:$42.70
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Student Member Price:$42.70
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Author:François Chiocchio, PhD, PMP, CHRP, Paule Lebel, MD, MSc, CRMCC, Pierre-Yves Therriault, PhD, OT(C), CCCPE, Andrée Boucher, MD, FRCPC, Carolyn Hass, MSc, PhD (candidate), François-Xavier Rabbat, PhD (candidate), Jean-François Bouchard
Description:Today’s medical profession sails on a sea of change. Matters of complexity, patient safety, and organizational sustainability challenge the profession and combine to confound resolution efforts. Stress and Performance in Health Care Project Teams is a report of research that examines the issue with a view toward improved performance.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$23.95
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Student Member Price:$23.95
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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide )—Fifth Edition (ENGLISH)

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition reflects the collaboration and knowledge of working p...
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