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Author:Abdul Razzak Rumane
Description:Quality Tools for Managing Construction Projects not only details the importance of developing a comprehensive management system, but provides the tools and techniques required to do so. The book examines the usage and applications of tools and techniques in different phases of a construction project, focusing on plan quality, quality assurance, and quality control. Following the construction cycle, Dr. Rumane delineates the quality tools and their application, ending with the implementation of quality systems throughout the entire design and construction cycle
Publisher:Taylor & Francis Group
Member Price:$99.70
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Author:Willis H. Thomas
Description:For some organizations, Lessons Learned (LL) is an informal process of discussing and recording project experiences during the closure phase. For others, LL is a formal process that occurs at the end of each phase of a project. Regardless of when they are performed, if you are a project team member, chances are you will soon be required to present an evaluation of your project using Lessons Learned.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books
Member Price:$23.70
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Student Member Price:$23.70
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Author:Christopher F. Voehl, H. James Harrington, Frank Voehl
Description:The best time to stop projects or programs that will not be successful is before they are ever started. Research has shown that the focused use of realistic business case analysis on proposed initiatives could enable your organization to reduce the amount of project waste and churn (rework) by up to 40 percent, potentially avoiding millions of dollars lost on projects, programs, and initiatives that would fail to produce the desired results.
This book illustrates how to develop a strong business case which links investments to program results and, ultimately, with the strategic outcomes of the organization. In addition, the book provides a template and example case studies for those seeking to fast-track the development of a business case within their organization.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books, USA
Member Price:$28.45
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Student Member Price:$28.45
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Author:Ron Basu
Description:Combining research with practical examples and experience from a career that has included blue chip organizations such as GSK, GlaxoWellcome and Unilever, Ron Basu offers a rigorous guide to the fundamentals of R&D project management including project lifecycle management, risk management, cost, time quality and other success measures as well as the keys to operational excellence in this complicated world.
Member Price:$113.95
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Author:Barbara Karten
Description:Reduced price. This week only! Buy now.

Are projects a problem for you? Do your projects cost too much, take too long, or are just not quite right? If so, Project Management Simplified: A Step-by-Step Process is the book for you. It applies well-defined processes for managing projects to managing change in our lives. It describes an approach modeled on a process used successfully in businesses, not-for-profit organizations, schools, and other organizations. The skills and techniques are not unique to businesses and organizations; they are life skills available to everyone.
Publisher:CRC Press
Member Price:$76.90
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Author:Tristan Boutros, Jennifer Cardella
Description:Unlike other books that promote a specific process and performance improvement discipline, this book shows organizations how to achieve success by fixing basic operational issues and problems using a broad and wide-sweeping process-based toolkit. In addition, it helps individuals who have worked in stale- or siloed-thinking enterprises make the transition to a process or improvement-oriented culture and teaches those who are unfamiliar with process tools to look at their work with a new lens and adopt a continuous improvement and analytical-thinking mindset.

The authors have successfully used the various methods, tools, and concepts found in this book to overcome practical, daily problems at various organizations. This book will surely help operators, managers, practitioners, and executives, who are charged with improving processes and workplace culture, produce better products and services.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis Books, USA
Member Price:$18.95
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Student Member Price:$18.95
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Author:Barbee Davis, MA, PhR, PMP
Description:Quick Quizzes for Project Managers allows you to test your project management knowledge and expand your skills through story questions about interesting and mind-opening situations faced every day by project managers in the field. You choose what you think is the correct answer, and then check your choice.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$31.95
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Student Member Price:$31.95
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Author:Paul C. Dinsmore, PMP and Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin
Description:NEW, THIRD EDITION! "Previous edition -- winner of the David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award

A comprehensive reference bringing together writers on all of the leading-edge topics in project management today, The AMA Handbook of Project Management compiles essays and advice from the field’s top professionals to present a complete overview of everything you need to know as a project management professional.
Member Price:$75.95
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Student Member Price:$75.95
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Author:Murali Chemuturi and Thomas M. Cagley Jr.
Description:This unique guide explains software project management from the standpoint of a software project manager working in a professional software development organization. It covers the subject of software project management in its entirety, including project acquisition and execution with backward linkages to concepts that play a facilitation role in successful project management.
Publisher:J. Ross Publishing
Member Price:$50.25
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Student Member Price:$50.25
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Author:Kim Pries & Jon Quigley
Description:ONLY 9 LEFT. ORDER SOON.

Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems: Ensuring Product Integrity and Program Quality uses proven Project Management methods, as well as elements of IEEE embedded software development techniques, to explain how to deliver a reliable complex system to market.
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Stock:In Stock
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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide )—Fifth Edition (ENGLISH)

A new edition of the PMBOK® Guide will be released 06 September 2017.

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