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Author:Murali Chemuturi
Description:“Mastering IT Project Management is the definitive source of knowledge for managing all phases of IT infrastructure projects. Despite my decades of experience, this resource discusses several areas that I never considered and would have helped many of my projects go much smoother. This is a must read and heed!” —Robert C. Anderson, Director, Process Development & Quality Assurance, Computer Aid Inc. “Mastering IT Project Management provides a full spectrum, step-by-step, how-to approach that arms both novices and gurus with best practices, tools, and techniques that allow them to emerge victorious.”—Pat O’Toole, CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser
Publisher:J. Ross Publishing, Inc.
Member Price:$66.45
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Student Member Price:$66.45
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Author:Virginia A. Greiman
Description:In Megaproject Management, a central member of the Big Dig team reveals the numerous risks, challenges, and accomplishments of the most complex urban infrastructure project in the history of the United States. Drawing on personal experience and interviews with project engineers, executive oversight commission officials, and core managers, the author, a former deputy counsel and risk manager for the Big Dig, develops new insights as she describes the realities of day-to-day management of the project from a project manager's perspective.

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons and Project Management Institute
Member Price:$88.00
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Student Member Price:$88.00
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Author:Project Management Institute
Description:The Practice Standard for Scheduling transforms the information in the PMBOK® Guide--specifically the project time management section--into an actionable and objective measurement process for project schedule models and project schedules
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$44.75
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Student Member Price:$44.75
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Joseph Phillips
Description:Do you want to know five immediate ways to improve your projects? Are you curious what the six hidden costs are associated with most projects? What actions should you always take when closing out a project to ensure—beyond a doubt—that it’s brought successfully to completion? This easy-to-understand book is grounded in real-world experience and simplifying the proven thinking behind project management philosophy, gives you bulleted lists, quickly instituted techniques, and down-to-earth systems you can use no matter what industry you’re in or how many different hats you’re wearing.
Member Price:$20.85
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Student Member Price:$20.85
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Author:Ursula Kuehn, PMP, EVP
Description:Integrated Cost and Schedule Control in Project Management, Second Edition, continues to offer a practical approach that is accessible to project managers at all levels. The step-by-step presentation, numerous case studies, and instructive examples give practitioners relevant material they can put to use immediately.
Publisher:Management concepts
Member Price:$39.90
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Student Member Price:$39.90
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Barbee Davis, MA, PhR, PMP
Description:Quick Quizzes for Project Managers allows you to test your project management knowledge and expand your skills through story questions about interesting and mind-opening situations faced every day by project managers in the field. You choose what you think is the correct answer, and then check your choice.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$31.95
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Student Member Price:$31.95
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Lutchman Chitram
Description:Written by Chitram Lutchman, a project management professional with more than 20 years of field and business experience, Project Execution: A Practical Approach to Industrial and Commercial Project Management gives you a more optimistic view of this exciting and challenging area. The book focuses on the essential requirements for successful execution of commercial and industrial projects. It differs from other project management books by focusing exclusively on the Execution Stage of the project, leveraging this opportunity for value maximization for the organization.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis
Member Price:$75.95
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Student Member Price:$75.95
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Author:Saleh A. Mubarak, PhD
Description:Written by a career construction professional, Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Second Edition has been fully revised with up-to-date coverage detailing all the steps needed to devise a technologically advanced schedule geared toward streamlining the construction process. Solved and unsolved exercises reinforce learning, while an overview of industry standard computer software sets the tone for further study.
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Member Price:$109.25
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Student Member Price:$109.25
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Ken Whitaker
Description:The software development market continues to grow worldwide. As projects become more complicated and the pressure to “do more with less” becomes the rule of thumb, the need for software managers to be well-versed with project management best practices becomes even more critical.
Publisher:Course Technology PTR
Member Price:$28.50
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Student Member Price:$28.50
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Karen Tate, PMP and Cynthia Stackpole, PMP
Description:While the original GOAL/QPC Project Management Memory Jogger is your best source for projects at the individual or team level, The Advanced Project Management Memory Jogger is effective in assisting project management efforts at the organizational or strategic level.
Member Price:$14.20
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Student Member Price:$14.20
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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide )—Fifth Edition (ENGLISH)

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition reflects the collaboration and knowledge of working p...
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