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Author:Quentin W. Fleming and Joel M. Koppelman
Earned Value Project Management (EVPM) is a methodology used to measure and communicate the real physical progress of a project taking into account the work completed, the time taken and the costs incurred to complete that work. As a result, EVPM allows more educated and effective management decision-making, which helps evaluate and control project risk by measuring project progress in monetary terms.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
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Description:ONLY 9 LEFT. ORDER SOON.

Recent debates have suggested that the problems inherent in project management in practice (cost overruns, delays etc.) reside in the prescriptive, functionalist, and quantitative tradition inherited by project management from the narrow perspective of operations management. Making Projects Critical widens the scope of project management by considering project management within a wider organizational and societal context.
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Willis; Kerry R.
Description:In today’s business world, project managers not only have to be diligent in project planning and execution, but also need to have skills in persuasion, self-management, communication, and relationship management. Reflecting the changing landscape of projects today, Essential Project Management Skills empowers project managers to master the skills necessary to succeed in the current environment
Publisher:Taylor and Francis
Member Price:$42.75
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Author:Thomas Juli
Description:This book is about project success and it reveals the secret to achieving this success—effective project leadership. Filled with samples, templates, and guidelines, it covers the five principles of effective project leadership: building vision, nurturing collaboration, promoting performance, cultivating learning, and ensuring results. Using nontechnical language, this practical guide explains how to integrate these principles into daily work to help you effectively set up, manage, and align your projects for success.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis
Member Price:$75.95
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Author:Michel Thiry
Description:On Sale!
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Based on practical applications of Program Management in different countries, as well as the leading standards, This book reflects the most recent developments in the area. It offers an understanding of program management's connection to business strategy and value realisation, beyond multiple-project management. Additionally it emphasizes the need for program specific processes, based on an iterative life cycle and the management of multiple stakeholders and their expected benefits.
Member Price:$33.25
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Author:Richard Maltzman, PMP and David Shirley, PMP

Recipient of the 2011 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award

Detailing cutting-edge green techniques and methods, this book teaches project managers how to maximize resources and get the most out of limited budgets. It supplies proven techniques and best practices in green project management, including risk and opportunity assessments. With illustrative case studies and insights from acknowledged leaders in green project management.
Publisher:Taylor and Francis
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Ginger Levin, DPA, PMP, PgMP
Description:Any formula for management success must include a high level of interpersonal skills. The growing complexity of organizational portfolios, programs, and projects, as well as the increasing number and geographic dispersion of stakeholders and employees, makes a manager's interpersonal skills critical. The frequency and variety of interpersonal interactions and the pressure to perform multiple leadership roles successfully while ensuring customer satisfaction have never been greater. Interpersonal Skills for Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers offers practical and proven tools and methods you can use to develop your interpersonal skills and meet the challenges of today's competitive professional environment.
Publisher:Management Concepts
Member Price:$39.90
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Author:Ole Jonny Klakegg, PhD, MSc; Terry Williams, PhD, PMP; Derek Walker, PhD, MSc; Bjørn Andersen, PhD, MSc; and Ole Morten Magnussen, PhD, MSc
Early Warning Signs in Complex Projects will help you see through the complexity of project assessments to recognize problems before it is too late and to improve the possibility for successful projects.
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$31.95
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Author:Murali Chemuturi and Thomas M. Cagley Jr.
Description:This unique guide explains software project management from the standpoint of a software project manager working in a professional software development organization. It covers the subject of software project management in its entirety, including project acquisition and execution with backward linkages to concepts that play a facilitation role in successful project management.
Publisher:J. Ross Publishing
Member Price:$50.25
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Author:Saleh A. Mubarak, PhD
Description:Written by a career construction professional, Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Second Edition has been fully revised with up-to-date coverage detailing all the steps needed to devise a technologically advanced schedule geared toward streamlining the construction process. Solved and unsolved exercises reinforce learning, while an overview of industry standard computer software sets the tone for further study.
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Member Price:$104.50
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