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Author:Karen Tate, PMP and Cynthia Stackpole, PMP
Description:While the original GOAL/QPC Project Management Memory Jogger is your best source for projects at the individual or team level, The Advanced Project Management Memory Jogger is effective in assisting project management efforts at the organizational or strategic level.
Member Price:$14.20
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Student Member Price:$14.20
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Author:Mike Cohn
Description:Agile Estimating and Planning supports any agile, semiagile, or iterative process, including Scrum, XP, Feature-Driven Development, Crystal, Adaptive Software Development, DSDM, Unified Process, and many more. It will be an indispensable resource for every development manager, team leader, and team member.
Publisher:Pearson Education/Addison Wesley Professional
Member Price:$52.25
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Student Member Price:$52.25
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Author:Barbee Davis
Description:Reduced price. This week only! Buy now.

Projects in the near future will be managed with a hybrid of Agile and traditional waterfall processes to better address the speed to market, product innovation, and financial challenges that organizations face. The project managers who learn how to merge Agile with Waterfall methodologies first will gain a huge career advantage over those who lag behind. This engaging and highly instructive guide covers what agile is, and how and when it is appropriate to blend it into your projects. Agile Practices for Waterfall Projects will help new and experienced project managers, stakeholders, and students of the discipline to proactively prepare for and ensure their future success. This valuable resource also contains all the terms and concepts needed for those planning to take the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam.
Publisher:J. Ross Publishing, Inc.
Member Price:$40.45
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Student Member Price:$40.45
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Author:Roman Pichler
In Agile Product Management with Scrum, leading Scrum consultant Roman Pichler uses real-world examples to demonstrate how product owners can create successful products with Scrum. He describes a broad range of agile product management practices, including making agile product discovery work, taking advantage of emergent requirements, creating the minimal marketable product, leveraging early customer feedback, and working closely with the development team.
Publisher:Pearson Education
Member Price:$35.15
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Student Member Price:$35.15
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Author:Esther Derby, Diana Larsen
See how to mine the experience of your software development team continually throughout the life of the project. The tools and recipes in this book will help you uncover and solve hidden (and not-so-hidden) problems with your technology, your methodology, and those difficult "people" issues on your team.
Publisher:Pragmatic Bookshelf
Member Price:$28.45
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Student Member Price:$28.45
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Author:Alistair Cockburn
Description:Reduced price. This week only! Buy now.

The agile model of software development has taken the world by storm. Now, in Agile Software Development, Second Edition, one of agile’s leading pioneers updates his Jolt Productivity award-winning book to reflect all that’s been learned about agile development since its original introduction.
Publisher:Pearson Education
Member Price:$47.00
You Save $2.49 by being a PMI member
Student Member Price:$47.00
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Terry Cooke-Davies, PhD
Description:Aspects of Complexity attempts to support the project management profession in adapting to inevitable complexity, turning desirable complexity into tangible benefits, and minimizing the harmful effects of unwelcome complexity.

This book will help practitioners and their managers improve future practice, and guide researchers into answering questions that will best help to improve our understanding of multifacted project complexity
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Member Price:$23.95
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Student Member Price:$23.95
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Author:Greg Smith, Ahmed Sidky
Many books discuss agile from a theoretical or academic perspective. Becoming Agile takes a different approach and focuses on explaining agile from a case-study perspective. Agile principles are discussed, explained, and then demonstrated in the context of a case study that flows throughout the book. The case study is based on a mixture of the author's real-world experiences.

Becoming Agile focuses on the importance of adapting agile principles to the realities of your environment. While agile purists have often discouraged a “partial-agile” approach, the reality is that in many shops a “purist” approach simply isn't a viable option. Over the last few years, agile authorities have begun to discover that the best deployments of agile are often customized to the specific situation of a given company.
Publisher:Manning Publications
Member Price:$42.75
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Student Member Price:$42.75
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Alexander Laufer

Breaking the Code of Project Management is an examination of how to refigure project management to be more effective, particularly in terms of leadership. Contrary to the traditional wisdom of project management, planning and doing are not separate and sequential activities, but rather occur in tandem and interact in a dance of give-and-take. Successful projects require strong leadership, and this book presents five actionable principles of Results-Focused Leadership in a convincing and easy to digest format demonstrated by stories.
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan
Stock:In Stock
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Author:Mark Price Perry
Description:Business Driven PMO Success Stories was written by and with over two dozen contributing authors from the worldwide project management and project management office (PMO) community. It offers executives, managers, and all those involved in the projects of the organization, an understanding of the value a PMO can provide, the knowledge they need to determine the purpose of their PMO, and how to craft a PMO best suited to the fulfill that purpose.
Publisher:J Ross Publishing
Member Price:$39.95
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Student Member Price:$39.95
Stock:In Stock
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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition reflects the collaboration and knowledge of working p...
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