Title:Things Your PMO is Doing Wrong
Author:Michael Hatfield, MBA, PMP, CCC, EVP
Category:Project Management
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Detailed Description:
In the world of project management, what is it that stakeholders want? They want to have their project delivered on-time and within budget while still maintaining the highest level of quality. Every day, project managers are faced with decisions, both strategic and tactical, that impact every dimension of the project. However, many factors in the project management realm, specifically the Project Management Office, can cause the project to stray off track.

Things your PMO Is Doing Wrong delves into the common issues surrounding the success of a Project Management Office. Specifically, the publication reviews:
•Common, but futile tactics used to try to advance project management and why they don’t work
•Technical approach with the most promise
•Hazards involved in furthering project management within the organization, even with the optimal technical approach

Table of Contents

I. Leveraging Organizational Power
II. Training and Certification
III. Forcing the Tool
IV. Procedures and Guides
V. Consultants
VI. Inertia and the Need for Drivers
VII. The Graded Approach
VIII. Cooperation and Defection
IX. Post's Theory
X. De Minimus EVMS Rollout
XI. Maintaining the Centerpiece
XII. Politics
XIII. Rival Systems
XIV. Frontal Assaults
XV. The Damnable Need for Consensus
XVI. Conclusion
Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2008
PMI Product ID:00101082501
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